Introducing Healtheries Organic Teas

Introducing Healtheries Organic Teas

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Healtheries Organic Teas blend premium quality organic herbs, florals and fruits into enchanting infusions for you to savour. Healtheries has been voted by you as one of New Zealand’s Trusted Brands* in the Fruit and Herbal Tea category and we’ve used your favourite Healtheries tea blends as the flavour inspiration for these 6 new Organic teas, so we know you’ll love them!

Whether you’re Caribbean dreaming with Healtheries Organic Pineapple & Coconut Tea, or after something slightly magical in our authentic Healtheries Organic Traditional Pearl Green Tea with its rolled green tea leaves.

Maybe you’re in need of a sweet berry infusion with our Healtheries Organic Blueberry & Aronia Tea, or a fragrant and zingy burst of Healtheries Organic Lemongrass & Ginger Tea to awaken the taste buds.

Perhaps you’re wanting something delicate and soothing like our Healtheries Organic Chamomile & Vanilla Tea- the perfect sip to help you unwind, or maybe it’s the minty refreshment of Healtheries Organic Mint Medley Tea that you’re craving.

Whatever your mood the new range of Healtheries Organic Teas have got you covered.

The Healtheries Organic Tea range has been created by global tea experts, combining sumptuous natural flavours with organic botanicals from around the world. Organic produce involves farming methods or food production methods that do not use chemical fertilisers, pesticides or other artificial chemicals1. 

Our tea bags

To repay nature for her precious gifts, every tea bag (string and tag included) is 100% biodegradable**. This means they are capable of being broken down by bacteria and other organisms which are essentially eating this material for food. The tea bag material itself is made from biodegradable Poly- lactic acid (PLA), a ‘bioplastic’ made from plant matter such as corn, cassava, sugar cane or beets. In the right conditions,  PLA will break down into small molecules, such as carbon dioxide, water, and a small amount of non- toxic waste2. The tea bag string and tag are also made from plant sourced materials. The Healtheries Organic tea bags are individually packaged for optimal freshness and so that you can conveniently take a few of your favourite tea bags with you on- the- go, wherever you go. The sachets are made from soft plastic, and this material can be recycled at any soft plastic recycling centre or bin such as the ones found outside most New World and Pak n’ Save supermarkets. Follow this link to find your nearest soft plastic recycling bin Soft plastics cannot be disposed of in your regular recycling bin as they contaminate this recycling process, but dropping this material off to your nearest soft plastic recycling bin means that it can be taken away and recycled into everyday objects such as park benches that we can all enjoy! The carton used to contain the bags is made from recyclable cardboard which can be disposed of in your home recycling bin.

What’s in them?

Healtheries Organic Teas are caffeine free (except Organic Traditional Pearl Green Tea)***, formulated without wheat or gluten, contain only natural ingredients and no Stevia- because we know you would prefer to add your own if required.

Enjoy them hot or cold, or in a delicious mocktail!

While they taste great hot they can also be brewed and left to cool or add ice, for a refreshing cold drink- check out our mocktail- inspired recipes in our recipe section.



European Certified Organic. For processed products, it means that at least 95% of the agricultural ingredients are organic.

*Readers Digest 2018 Trusted Brand, Highly Commended. Fruit & Herbal Teas. Voted by New Zealanders.

**These tea bags (string and tag included) are biodegradable and may be composted, however, the time it takes for the materials to fully degrade will vary depending on home composting bin conditions. Moisture, airflow, microbial activity, heat and the proportions of different organic wastes are all variables that will affect the rate of breakdown.

***Organic Traditional Pearl Green Tea contains naturally occurring caffeine.




2.       PLA: A Critical Analysis- Institute of Packaging Professionals


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