Healtheries Dietex Strawberry Preserve

  • Strawberry preserve that bursts with flavour in your mouth - perfect on bread, scones, or as a filling for cakes and muffins
  • Made with sorbitol, a sugar substitute which is broken down slowly by the body
  • Sorbitol provides less energy (kilojoules) than sugar

Healtheries Dietex Strawberry Preserve

Product Overview

Why use Dietex Strawberry Preserve?

We’ve come up with Dietex Preserves so you can have your sweetness and eat it too! What's even better is our Dietex Strawberry Preserve is delicious and fruity - perfect for spreading on bread and scones, or as a filling in cakes.

Dietex Strawberry Preserve contains sorbitol, a sugar alcohol which is 60% less sweet than regular sugar. Sorbitol breaks down slowly in the body and provides less energy than standard sugar.

Great for

  • Spreading on bread, scones and pikelets
  • Filling cakes or muffins

Allergen Information

Contains sorbitol

Available in

360g jar (36 servings per pack)

Directions for Use

Directions for Use

Refrigerate after opening



Fructose, Strawberries (40%), Sorbitol, Gelling Agent (Pectin), Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid), Firming Agent (Calcium Chloride)

Nutrition Information

Serving size: 10g

Servings per pack: 36

Average Quantity

Per Serving

Per 100 g


107 kJ (26 Cal)

1070 kJ


less than 1 g

less than 1 g

Fat, Total

less than 1 g

less than 1 g

- saturated

less than 1 g

less than 1 g


5.4 g

54 g

- sugars

5.2 g

52 g


less than 5 mg

10 mg


less than 1 g

8.4 g

Made in New Zealand from imported and local ingredients


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