Frequently Asked Questions


1. How many Calories and how much sugar do the Healtheries Teas contain?

Healtheries Fruit Flavoured Herbal Teas contain 3kJ or 1Cal per tea bag when made in 250ml of water. Per tea bag there is less than 1.5g of carbohydrate and less than 0.1g of sugar. 

2. Do Healtheries Teas contain Caffeine?

Healtheries Fruit, Herbal, Rooibos and Functional Teas do not contain caffeine. Healtheries Green Teas will contain naturally occurring caffeine - roughly 30-40mg per tea bag. 

3. Can I use Healtheries Naturally Slim® powders if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

We do not recommend those who are pregnant or breastfeeding use Naturally Slim® powders, these powders contain added herbal ingredients which have not been studied for their safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

Naturally Slim® powders also contain added vitamins and minerals which could result in expectant or breastfeeding mothers exceeding their recommended level of intake, particularly if already using another form of multivitamin supplement.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding nutrient dense whole foods are your best source of nutrition and should be your primary focus. Protein shakes or meal replacements may not meet your energy needs, and fast weight loss is not encouraged as this can affect the quality of the breast milk- vital for supporting babies’ optimal growth and development. 

4. Naturally Slim Powders®- why are they not recommended for those under 15 years of age?

We do not recommend Naturally Slim® powders for those under 15 years of age as they contain added herbal ingredients which have not been studied for their safety within this age group. In addition, those under 15 years of age will have different Recommended Daily Intakes (RDIs) for vitamins and minerals compared to adults, the Naturally Slim® powders have been specifically designed for adults and the levels of vitamins and minerals in these powders reflect an adult needs. 

Children & adolescents go through rapid stages of growth and development and nutrient dense whole foods are the best source of nutrition during this stage of life. This is also an important time to be encouraging a healthy relationship with whole foods so that good habits may be formed and carried through into adulthood.

5. KidsCare® range- do these contain animal products/are they vegetarian suitable?

Rice Wheels Burger, Cheese and Sour Cream & Chives flavours are vegetarian suitable.

Potato Stix Salt & Vinegar, Chicken and Roast Potato flavours are vegetarian suitable.

Potato Curls Chicken flavour is not vegetarian suitable.

6. Where can I purchase ……….. Healtheries product?

Give our friendly Customer Services Team a call on 0800 848 254 and we can look up your nearest stockist.