The Healtheries Story

Our heritage – where did we come from?

Healtheries started in New Zealand back in 1904, with two Kiwi flour millers. They built a business dedicated to the belief that the natural, healthy goodness of stone-ground flours should be easily available to everyone. Today, our business is still driven by the same aim: making natural health easy, with wholesome foods and quality supplements.

Over the last century, we’ve grown larger and larger, developing a strong reputation as a top-quality flour and health food manufacturer. We started exporting overseas in 1967; and by 1979, we had over 90 employees and 400 product lines.

In 2004, our 220 staff celebrated 100 years of being in business. Today, we employ over 350 staff at our office based in East Tamaki, Auckland New Zealand.

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Our products

Here at Healtheries we believe being healthy should be easy!!!

We have over 200 products available in supermarkets nationwide that deliver to this promise. 

To make finding what you want easy, we’ve them organised into six categories:

  • Dietary supplements
  • Teas
  • Snacking
  • Baking and superfoods
  • Cereals and others
  • Milk products

Want to know exactly what we offer in each category?

Dietary supplements

 We are pleased to have won the Reader’s Digest “Most Trusted Brand” award for 12 out of the 12 years that there has been a Vitamin and Supplements category.

Our supplements are made for Kiwis by Kiwis, for when you need a convenient way to top up your nutrient intake, or help maintain your general health and wellbeing.

  • Multivitamins: Do you have the energy you need to get the most out of every day? Healtheries Multis are specifically formulated to help busy people “top up” the nutrients they most need. We have Multivitamins specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of Men, Women, those aged 50+, and Children. Our adult Multis now have the benefit of added Probiotics for digestive health and wellbeing.
  • Vitamin C: Do you and your family need immunity support over winter? Stay ahead with Healtheries range of immunity supporting Supplements. Well known as the immunity supplement, Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant to support you through those cold winter months and comes in both chewable and non-chewable tablets.
  • Magnesium: These days, it is important to look after mind and body. Magnesium is a versatile mineral that your body uses in more than 300 different ways. It can help to relax tense or tight muscles, assist with mental relaxation, calm stress and support restful sleep
  • Joints:  If anyone in your family is looking for joint health support, point them at our Joint support range. With scientifically researched ingredients like Glucosamine, Boswellia and Chondroitin coupled with Omega 3 oils, these products help to provide joint support and mobility.
  • Fish Oils: Healtheries Fish Oil are sustainably harvested and are naturally rich sources of Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. Fish Oils  help support joint, heart, mood, skin health, cholesterol balance, brain and eye function.
  • Probiotics: Did you know 70% of your immunity comes from your gut? Support a healthy digestive and immune system with Probiotics. Probiotics are beneficial for the maintenance of healthy gut flora and help to support a healthy digestive and immune system.
  • Boost® Effervescents: sometimes it would be nice if getting the nutrients your body needed was a bit more… fun, right?  Meet Boost®: our fun, fizzy range of effervescent tablets that support immunity, energy and general wellbeing.
  • KidsCare®: Healtheries knows that kids have different nutritional needs to adults: that’s why we created the KidsCare® range. They’re great-tasting fun animal shaped chewable tablets that support immunity, brain function and wellbeing, with formulations – and doses – specifically tailored to growing bodies.


Whether they like their tea green, fruity, or even functional, Healtheries has an option for everyone in the family.  Choose from our:

  • Green Tea range: Green tea has antioxidant properties, our Healtheries’ refreshing green teas come in tantalising flavours that include zingy citrus options, sweetly smooth berry choices, and orchard peach. Or just go “au naturale" for the classic green tea taste.
  • Fruit teas: when you’re craving something sweet (or tangy), and want to avoid caffeine, this range is for you. With too many flavours to list here, let’s just say that whatever your tastes, you’ll find a fruit tea to match them.
  • Functional teas: a unique blend of great-tasting fruit flavours and natural herbs, each one designed with a specific need in mind. Sip the caffeine-free goodness of 100% natural herbal teas, including invigorating peppermint, relaxing chamomile, soothing liquorice, and much, much more. Like Rooibos tea, a caffeine-free alternative to standard black tea which has a unique, woody flavour that’s made it popular worldwide. Choose from natural or vanilla flavours.
  • Organic Teas: Healtheries Organic Teas blend premium quality organic herbs, florals and fruits into enchanting infusions for you to savour. Created by global tea experts, combining sumptuous natural flavours with organic botanicals from around the world. To repay nature for her precious gifts, every tea bag is also biodegradable. Simply infuse and sip for an instant sensory escape from everyday life.


At Healtheries, we know that nutritious snacking is part of a healthy diet for growing children (and adults too!)  We also know that finding options that taste great and tick all the boxes is harder than it sounds. 

So if you’re looking for lunchbox options your kids will love, we recommend you try:

  • Rice Wheels: Crunchy munchy, oh so tasty Rice Wheels contain less than 10% total fat and less than 1g saturated fat per serve. That’s 65% less fat than regular potato chips. Plus they have no artificial colours, preservatives, or added MSG. Gluten free as well.
  • Potato Stix: Crunchy munchy, oh so tasty Potato Stix  contain less than 3g total fat and less than 1g saturated fat per serve. That’s less than half the fat of regular potato chips. Plus they have no artificial colours, preservatives, or added MSG. Dairy free as well.

Baking & Superfoods

Our final range is unique, in that it’s the one that lets YOU create your own delicious foods. Cook up a storm with wholesome, natural ingredients that include:

  • Baking and bread mixes: not ready to bake your own bread from scratch? That’s OK, we’ve got your back (and we promise we won’t tell)! Create wholesome kitchen magic with our pre-made gluten-free Bread Mix, or our versatile gluten-free Baking Mix.
  • Gluten-free baking ingredients: we also offer a range of tasty, nutritious flours – including cornmeal, rye meal and gluten-free rice flour. Plus there’s always bran flakes for extra fibre and that delicious nutty taste.
  • Superfoods: these berries, nuts and seeds are nutrient-dense powerpacks of foods. From LSA to chia, blueberries to cacao, try adding them to smoothies, breads, cakes, cereals or anything else that could do with a nutrient boost.
  • Other baking ingredients: divinely indulgent, gluten-free, low-sugar dark or milk chocolate baking bits? Yes please!  Or how about some flaxseed or almond oils for an Omega 3 or 9 boost? If you want them, we’ve got them!

Cereals and others

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. To help you start your morning on the right foot, we offer great-tasting, wholesome breakfast cereals, including:

  • Bircher Mueslis: delicious blends of grains, seeds, nuts and fruit that truly release their goodness when you soak them overnight.  They’re packed with fibre, and a solid source of Omega 3 and Iron too.

Milk Products

Rich in protein and Calcium, milk is one of nature’s greatest gifts to us. Healtheries offers a delicious range of milk products, including:

  • Milk powders: get the convenient goodness of whole milk, trim milk, and even a goats’ milk powder that’s perfect if you’re lactose intolerant.
  • The Naturally Slim range: a tasty blend of protein-packed whey powder and Garcinia cambogia a great option to help support your weight management program. And if you’re bored with standard protein powder flavours, we think you’ll love our Double Chocolate and Vanilla Flavours.
  • Vitaplan: a complete, balanced nutritional food drink that provides 24 essential vitamins and minerals to support your energy levels and wellbeing. Choose between delicious chocolate or vanilla flavours.
  • Milk treats: lastly, we offer a range of tasty milk-based treats, including milk biscuits and milk bites (which also have a goats’ milk option). With a flavour range that includes banana, strawberry, vanilla and honey, the hardest part will be picking just one to try!

Look for products with the Healtheries logo at your local supermarket, and make caring for your family's health EASY!