4 Steps for Re-balancing: How to Give Yourself the Gift of Energy

4 Steps for Re-balancing: How to Give Yourself the Gift of Energy

Feeling a bit flat? This can happen at any time of the year! Whether it's heading into the new year or smack in the middle of winter we've got a few tips for bringing you back to balance.

If you're feeling tired, sluggish, and generally uninspired you might need to re-balance a little with the four handy steps below before you can move forward with excitement, energy and enthusiasm;

1.Make sure you’re getting the nutrients you need

  • A great diet is the foundation of any rebalancing plan.  That doesn’t mean you have to start eating nothing but rabbit food – but it does mean incorporating lots of fresh, tasty, nutritious foods into your meals.
  • In practice, that means eating lots of fruits, veges, whole grains, lean protein and healthy fats to provide a wide range of essential nutrients. And if you know your nutrient intake could do with a bit of a top-up, think about adding a multivitamin to your daily routine.
  • Healtheries have options for the whole family; including formulations that are specifically created for Kiwi men, women and younger children.

2.Watch your sugar intake (but don’t deprive yourself)

  • In our pre-Christmas article, we talked about aiming for a holiday diet that’s “80% healthy”.  That’s actually a good idea for the rest of the year too. If you demand 100% perfection from yourself, you’re bound to slip up at some point and feel like a failure. If you just aim to eat healthily “most of the time” though, you’re much more likely to stick to your intentions.
  • Remember that not all treats need to be sugar explosions either.  For example, next time you get a chocolate craving, instead of fighting it, consider indulging in a small bar from the Healtheries range. Choose from Healtheries Sugar Free Dark Chocolate, Healtheries Sugar Free Chocolate Hazelnut, or Healtheries No Added Sugar Milk Chocolate.

3.Get the sleep your body needs

  • Good quality sleep is such an essential part of rebalancing. Not only does getting enough sleep energise and refresh you, but it also makes choosing healthier options in the rest of your life far easier.
  • Everyone’s sleep requirements are different, but most of us need between 7-9 hours a night. We also generally do better with a regular sleep routine. That means going to bed at around the same time each night; and getting up at around the same time each morning.
  • Of course, going to bed is only the first step – not everyone drifts off the moment their head hits the pillow. If getting to sleep, or staying asleep, is an issue for you, try Healtheries Magnesium 150mg or 400mg.

4. Aim to live a generally happier, more relaxed lifestyle

  • While the unique stresses of the holiday season are over now, there still are plenty of day-to-day frustrations and niggles that can leave you tensed up.  A big part of rebalancing is recognising what your personal stressors are, and putting together a plan to deal with them.  A few options to consider might include:
    • Spending more quality time together with your family
    • Regularly engaging in a form of exercise you enjoy
    • Reflective, self-calming practices, such as meditation, yoga or journaling
    • Nutritional stress support – again, Healtheries Magnesium supplements may help