5 of Our Favourite Teas & When to Drink Them

5 of Our Favourite Teas & When to Drink Them

We don't know about you, but the Healtheries team are confessed tea-hoarders! We have loads of delicious fruity flavours & functional heroes in our pantries because we love a cuppa any time of the day. We're pretty sure that a few of you know that feeling too. With that said, we wanted to talk about a few of our personal faves and offer you a little tea routine to help keep you hydrated and happy!

7am - Start with a Green Tea

Instead of your morning coffee, start your day with a Green Tea.

We know that caffeine hit is important for many in the mornings and Green Tea can help with that, as well as providing a good hit of antioxidants.

Green tea can either be pure, or flavoured with things like citrus fruits & florals. If you only have pure Green Tea at home, switch up your mornings by adding a different citrus slice each day. Lemon, orange and lime will all add a zesty difference to your day.

10am - Take a moment with Lemon & Ginger

By the time you've walked the dog, had breakfast, dropped the kids off, sat down at your desk & checked your emails you may need a little break! We've suggested a cup of lemon and ginger here because it's delicious, warming & sweet. Three things that if you ask us, constitute a comforting cuppa, a nice easy way to ease into your day.

Lemon and Ginger is also great hot and iced which makes it a versatile option in the mornings. Brew your tea with boiling water in a jug or glass water bottle before you go to sleep and when you wake up, it's ready to go!

1pm - Support your Immunity

Looking for something to have over lunch? Our range is full of options but our pick is Immunity Tea for a couple of reasons:

  1. It's not too sweet and makes a good accompaniment to a sandwich or salad.
  2. Not sure about you, but at lunch, we sometimes realise we've forgotten our supplements in the morning! Immunity tea has 27% of your Vitamin C RDI in each cup so it's a handy helper when that moment comes!

4pm - Savour some Superfruits

Lean into the sweet cravings that hit in the afternoons by having a cup of Superfruits!

This a fruity, sweet treat that will help keep you hydrated too. Once you've tasted Superfruits, you'll know why it has such a loyal following - it's so good.

It's great hot or cold too. Even the kids will like this one iced after school! For an easy after school 'red drink' brew some up in the morning and keep in the fridge throughout the day. Add ice & enjoy!

8pm - Sleep Tea & Sweet Dreams

We made it! After a day full of teas, functional and fun, you'll hopefully be feeling hydrated, happy and ready to do it all again tomorrow. Well, you will be after a good night's sleep. Our final tea of the day will help with just that!

Our Sleep Tea contains passionflower, lemon balm, linden flower & more chamomile to help you unwind before bed. Pair with your favourite book, podcast or simply whilst pottering before bed for a soothing sleep routine.


Thanks for reading this daily tea routine. There are hundreds of combinations to try with Healtheries tea, so we hope you'll take this one as a guide and jumping-off point for your daily tea rituals. We'd love to see your tea moments too so remember to tag us on social media when you're having your next cuppa.