Busy Parents on the Run

Busy Parents on the Run

How many of us have started the new year with good, calm intentions and suddenly February is here and we are back in the same busy routine that we left back in December? Going back to work after the holiday break or getting the kids to school can have us chasing our tail in a rush to “get everything done”. Now would be the perfect time to make yourself top priority and ease into 2020 feeling your best.

Give your body what it needs

Being on-the-go can wreak havoc on the body both physically and mentally so it’s important to look after your energy levels by giving your body the nutrients it needs.  

  • Eat nutrient-dense foods – this means choosing foods that deliver a big nutrient punch per calorie.  These are foods such as beans, nuts, seeds, whole grains and vegetables.  Refined foods that are fried, fatty or sweet contain a lot of calories but little or no nutrients.
  • Get your Omega 3 – these healthy essential fatty acids have shown to support brain health and a healthy heart.  A clear mind and healthy heart equals lots of energy!  
  • Keep hydrated – sometimes when the body is feeling tired it’s merely dehydrated.  Aim for 8 glasses a day and when fatigue strikes sip a glass of water instead of reaching for a caffeine or sugar boost.
  • Increase Vitamin Bs – these vitamins are hugely important for creating energy and they start right down at the cellular level.  The Healtheries B Complex Tablets are a convenient, everyday supplement suitable for the whole family to take when an extra top-up is needed.

Stop being so busy

Let’s be honest, that to-do list is never going to end!  However much we try to convince ourselves that we will slow down once that chore is done or when we complete that work assignment something else will inevitably be important enough to be put back on the “list”.   Slowing down doesn’t mean being lazy or letting things slip, it’s about getting through daily tasks with less panic and need to have everything completed and perfect.  If dinner is late it’s not a disaster, just an inconvenience that will be forgotten by morning.  So relax and enjoy cooking rather than rushing to get the job done!  

Make a plan to put some quiet time aside for yourself this year

Try learning to become your own best friend and think of time for yourself as an investment in your family.  Creating an early morning routine that you love can be the perfect way to have a peaceful and positive mind set for the entire day.  Why not see if slowing down and taking time out for yourself can actually give you more energy!