Could you have an Iron deficiency?

Could you have an Iron deficiency?

Author -  Vicki Martin, Nutritionist and Naturopath

Have you ever wondered if maybe your Iron levels are a bit low?

Perhaps you’ve noticed some of the following:

  • You feel as though no one loves you
  • You’re weepy all the time
  • You keep running out of energy at the gym?
  • Your nails keep breaking or splitting
  • You’re craving chocolate or other high-calorie snacks

If so, you may be low in Iron. Read on to find out more about this important mineral.

Iron – the original heavy metal

Iron is an essential mineral for a whole raft of body functions. Without it, your body cells don’t get the oxygen they require. Before you know it, your energy levels have dipped and those chocolate bars start looking mighty good.

Iron also supports your brain function, so your mood, concentration and memory can suffer if your iron levels drop. Your periods can also disappear and your immune system can get the sulks (which means colds and flu’s become a regular feature). Even your fingernails can’t cope without Iron.

The good news if you’re low in Iron

The good news is that these problems can often be quickly corrected if they’re due to low Iron. Always start by getting a blood test from your doctor. After all, there may be other possible reasons for all these symptoms, and taking extra Iron if you don’t need it is generally a bad idea.

If the results do confirm you’re low, then look for an Iron supplement. Maybe try Healtheries Iron & Vitamin C, or make up a great-tasting glass of Healtheries Iron Fizz every day.

Your best bet for drinks are pure fruit juices like apple, grape, or pineapple, which contain Vitamin C to help your body absorb the Iron. Avoid drinks that contain caffeine, which reduces your Iron absorption.

Leading an Iron-rich life

Meat, fish, chicken, eggs, cheese, and yoghurt are all protein foods that contribute Iron to mineral-starved bodies. Jam or peanut butter on toast in the morning may not boost your Iron levels: try an egg or some cheese instead. Toss in a piece of fruit for your Vitamin C, and you’re on your way.

As for lunch, try wholegrain sandwiches with ham, chicken, egg, or cheese; along with a good helping of salad for Vitamin C.

Try these ideas for at least a month and see whether your mood and energy (and of course your fingernails) improve.