Dan's got a Plan - What's Yours?

Dan's got a Plan - What's Yours?

Author -  Healtheries

Dan Carter takes Healtheries Mens Multi, Healtheries Fish Oil, Healtheries Jointex® Triple Action and Healtheries Magnesium

Ever wondered how rugby legend Dan Carter manages to stay on top of everything?

Rugby superstar Dan Carter is the first to acknowledge that he has a lot on his plate. Between travelling, training, playing (and of course, his family life), he’s a busy guy. So how does he manage to fit everything into his schedule, play at his peak, and still have energy left over for his family?

According to Dan, great nutrition is critical

Dan discovered early on that the right nutrition played a huge role in helping him keep up with everything in his life. He’s recently signed on as a brand ambassador for Healtheries, but he was using NZ-formulated Healtheries supplements long before he partnered with us. Some of his picks are:

  • Healtheries Men's Multi this high potency one-a-day multi is chock-full of the vitamins and minerals that men need most. The high-strength B vitamins and Panax Ginseng also help Dan to maintain the energy he needs to tackle his hectic lifestyle.
  • Healtheries Fish Oil oil from cold water fish is one of nature’s richest sources of Omega-3 fatty acids: the good fats that support heart and joint health. Fish Oil capsules can help Dan’s joints to keep up with the intense demands of heavy training.
  • Healtheries Jointex® Triple Action sportspeople can only play as well as their joints allow. Jointex® Triple Action blends Omega 3 oil, Chondroitin and Glucosamine to combat any joint pain.
  • Healtheries Magnesium one of nature’s most versatile minerals, Magnesium supports relaxation in both body and mind. So Healtheries Magnesium helps Dan to get the sleep he needs to rest and recharge after an all-out practice. It can also assist when his muscles are tired and tense.

Dan’s got a plan. What's yours?

You might not be a professional athlete, but you’ve probably got a lot on your plate yourself. How could Healtheries help you stay on top of everything in your schedule? Ask our naturopaths for ideas today.