Getting back on track for the New Year

Getting back on track for the New Year

Author -  Jenna Walker

With the Christmas rush a distant memory and a well-deserved break under your belt you might be feeling clear-minded and focused on something you would like to achieve this year

New Years’ resolutions are often about improving on a habit or behaviour that you feel may be impacting on your health and wellbeing, or holding you back from achieving an important goal. This time of year offers a fresh start not only because of the date, but also because we have rested, reflected and we can hit reset.

When thinking about resolutions, why not focus on just one habit or behaviour at a time? Perhaps it is something that stood between you and your goal last year. 

By keeping this process simple and choosing just one focus area, you can take some pressure off yourself and reduce the chance of becoming overwhelmed or negative about your positive change. Once you know what point needs attention you can set short, medium and long term goals which serve as milestones to reinforce your progress.

A common resolution we come across in the New Year is the decision to lose weight. There are many factors that will contribute to achieving a weight management goal such as the type of foods making up our meals and snacks, the size of our meals and the amount of exercise we do. 

For many people though, there is often one standout factor which seems to stall progress towards a goal. This could be something as simple as missing the weekly shop so healthy options aren’t on hand, or not leaving enough time in the morning to prepare a healthy lunch. 

Remember to think ahead about what causes your progress to stall, your focus area, and some solutions to try next time the situation pops up.

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