Healthy Habits for your Family

Healthy Habits for your Family

Author -  Heidi Billington

Could your family use some healthy habits?

As school and work starts and the holidays come to an end, it can be a good time to reflect upon your family’s routine. Have some of the good habits you built up last year dropped off over the holidays? Are you all getting enough exercise? Do you spend time outdoors together? Perhaps your family seems to be having a few more unhealthy snacks or treats than you used to, or digital devices are being used more often than you think they should be. Take the time to think about what healthy habits might make a difference for your family!

Here are ten suggestions you might like to try: 

  • Eat well. Call a family meeting to set up some fun ideas to help ensure your meal times are packed full of nutrients. Younger children may like the idea of a rainbow chart to put stickers/stars against different colours they eat throughout the day. Purple grapes and red tomatoes could be seen in another light. Extra stars for the colour green and of course Fruit Loops and Skittles don’t count as colours :)
  • Boost the fibre. Add in extra fibre whenever possible. Soak some Healtheries Chia Seeds over night and spoon over cereal or sprinkle Healtheries LSA into salads.
  • Go meat free twice a week. It opens the door to new recipes and cuisine and gives your digestion a break. Get kids involved with making new veggie meals and see how creative they can be. 
  • Share cooking and meal preparations. One person can become weary and uninspired but sharing the load results in different ideas and choices. Make a pact to create sauces from scratch and see what each family member can come up with.
  • Be organised. Weekend food preparation can save so much time in the busy week days. Shop, wash, chop and pack what you can so it’s ready to be added to your healthy meals!
  • Boost the nutrients. Help top up your nutrition with supplements. Healtheries Vitamin C 250mg and Magnesium 150mg comes in handy for adults and children over 6 in the family.
  • Snack healthy. Big bowls of fruit and cut up vegetables make snacking easy. If there is no time to prepare then keep some Healtheries KidsCare® Potato Stixs or Rice Wheels in the cupboard. Remember snacks should be used in moderation and not take the appetite away from main meals.
  • Be active. Sometimes just the thought of doing exercise when all you seem to do all week is run around can be exhausting but make time to squeeze in extra movement. Interest and participation in each other’s activities not only gives your body exercise, it may also bring a big smile to a loved one’s face.
  • Have some ‘gadget-free’ time together. It’s easy to get caught up in the same routine of TV at night, email checking after work and play station ‘zoning out’ after a busy day. Before we know it the whole evening has gone. Switch it all off and take some time in the weekdays to communicate in a peaceful environment. Sitting around the table at mealtimes is the perfect place to catch up on the day’s activities and where the family can give each other their full attention.
  • Be a good role model for younger members of the family. They love to imitate you so by having positive, healthy habits can influence them in the right way. The simple rule to give each other one compliment or a positive comment a day can lift the spirits of both the giver and receiver. The family home is a place where most people let go of pretences and be themselves and sometimes it’s not a pretty sight! Tolerating each other’s bad habits and recognising the good can help build stronger relationships.

Whether you are a family of 2 or 10, living together in peace and harmony is a struggle for us all sometimes. There is no such thing as a “perfect family” but by trying to be a healthier family it may lead to being a happier family....and what could be better than that!