Introducing Healtheries Organic Teas

Introducing Healtheries Organic Teas

Author -  Healtheries

Healtheries Organic Teas blend premium quality organic herbs, florals and fruits into enticing infusions for you to enjoy. Grown in organic tea estates and crafted by global tea experts, we’ve captured some of the world’s most exquisite organic botanicals in this delicious line up of flavours.

Healtheries Organic Teas blend premium quality organic herbs, florals and fruits into enticing infusions for you to enjoy. We’ve used your favourite Healtheries tea blends as the flavour inspiration for these six new organic teas, so we know you’ll love them!

Start Caribbean dreaming with Healtheries Organic Pineapple & Coconut Tea, or try something slightly magical with our authentic Healtheries Organic Traditional Pearl Green Tea.


Maybe you’re in need of a sweet berry infusion with our Healtheries Organic Blueberry & Aronia Teaor a fragrant and zingy burst of Healtheries Organic Lemongrass & Ginger Tea to awaken the taste buds.


Perhaps you’re wanting something delicate and soothing like our Healtheries Organic Chamomile & Vanilla Tea- the perfect sip to help you unwind, or maybe it’s the minty refreshment of Healtheries Organic Mint Medley Tea that you’re craving.


Whatever your mood the new range of Healtheries Organic Teas has got you covered.

The Healtheries Organic Tea range has been crafted by global tea experts, combining delicate natural flavours with organic botanicals from around the world. Our organic tea growers do not use chemical fertilisers, pesticides or other artificial chemicals.

Optimal freshness & quality


At Healtheries freshness, flavor and quality are paramount and we want our products to arrive to you tasting as fresh as the day the delicious organic herbs, florals and fruits were picked. Healtheries Organic Tea bags (string and tag included) are made from plant matter and are 100% biodegradable.

Every tea bag is individually wrapped in a fully recyclable protective cover to ensure the full integrity of the tea’s flavor, freshness and quality. They also provide you with the convenience of being able to take individual sachets with you wherever you go. Soft Plastics have historically been able to be recycled at your local supermarket. Unfortunately, the soft plastics recycling service is currently suspended and only planned to restart in Auckland. If you are Auckland based, the individual wrappers can be recycled through the soft plastics recycling programme from May 20th  2019, this is available at selected Countdown, Huckleberry and The Warehouse stores. For specific locations please check their Facebook page:

We are constantly evolving our packaging in line with international improvements and developments and are continually reviewing the best packaging options that ensure optimum freshness, while being kind to the environment.

Healtheries Organic Teas are caffeine free (except Organic Traditional Pearl Green Tea which contains naturally occurring caffeine), formulated without wheat or gluten, containing only natural ingredients. There is no Stevia - because we know you would prefer to add your own if required.


Enjoy them hot or cold – perfect for every season!


While they taste great hot they can also be brewed and left to cool or add ice, for a refreshing cold drink- check out our mocktail- inspired recipes in our recipe section.



*The tea bags (string and tag included) are biodegradable and may be composted, however, the time it takes for the materials to fully degrade will vary depending on home composting bin conditions. Moisture, airflow, microbial activity, heat and the proportions of different organic wastes are all variables that will affect the rate of breakdown.