Maintaining healthy joints, cartilage and mobility: four simple tips

Maintaining healthy joints, cartilage and mobility: four simple tips

Author -  Vicki Martin, Nutritionist and Naturopath

Naturopath Vicki Martin offers four simple tips for staying active and avoiding joint pain

I am an active person and I want to look after my joint mobility. What can I do to keep them healthy?

Keep moving

  • Regular, moderate exercise helps to nourish and repair your joint cartilage – the essential shock-absorbing material that protects your joints against joint pain.
  • Flexing exercises help to protect and lubricate your joints. 
  • Avoid high stress exercise and other activities that put extra strain on your hips & knees.

Stay slim

  • Maintain a healthy weight: carrying too much weight places extra stress on your hips, knees and ankles, which can cause joint pain. 

Build muscle

  • Improving your muscle tone provides strong support for joints, helping to stabilise your hips and knees.
  • Supplement your diet with important joint-building nutrients 
  • Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients such as Glucosamine support the natural processes your body needs to rebuild important connective tissues including cartilage, ligaments and tendons. 
  • An everyday intake of Calcium also helps to maintain healthy bones and lowers your risk of fractures and other problems that can affect your mobility.