Need a Boost? 6 fast and easy ways to put some ‘fizz’ into your day.

Need a Boost? 6 fast and easy ways to put some ‘fizz’ into your day.

Author -  Healtheries Naturopath - Lynley Baker

If there was a delicious and healthy effervescent drink you could take every day that took care of your health AND took less than a minute to prepare – would you drink it?

With many of us leading hectic lifestyles and with little down-time – it’s nice to know there is something fast and easy we can do for ourselves that can help support us throughout the day.

The importance of good nutrition with a proper balance of the right vitamins and minerals and other nutrients are not only vital to our physical well-being but also vital to how good we feel.

Healtheries Boost® range has a new look AND with 6 different effervescent formulas (with NO Aspartame) to help support your daily health and nutritional needs and there is something for everyone.

It’s easy - just add water - watch it fizz - then drink!

Why you’ll love our new formulas;

  • Fast, fizzy and delicious – you’ll look forward to it every day
  • Contains NO ASPARTAME – nice for those who prefer to avoid it
  • Vegetarian and vegan friendly – suits a wider range of people
  • Contains NO artificial colours or flavours – naturally better
  • Easy to drink – perfect for those who struggle to swallow tablets
  • Sugar-free – Ideal for diabetics or if you’re watching your sugar intake
  • Be more hydrated – an easy way to increase your daily water intake
  • Ideal for adults AND teenagers too – a supplement they will actually want to take
  • One to suit your needs – immunity, stress, energy, focus, urinary support
  • Contains NO Wheat, gluten, animal products, dairy products, egg, soy, corn, artificial colours or preservatives (see each product details for specifics)
  • A refreshing drink – a pick me up to have at any time of day

Which one would suit you?

Boost® Immunity {Orange and Berry}: with Vitamin C, Echinacea and Zinc – available in 2 flavours

  • Helps to maintain your immune defences during the colder season
  • Providing extra support against common winter ills and chills
  • Gives your immune system a helping hand when you’re stressed

Boost® Revive: (Magnesium, Vit C & Vit B Complex) 

  • Revitalises your body and mind without caffeine at the beginning of the day
  • Supports your nervous system if you’re experiencing stress or worry 
  • Helps to maintain your energy levels if you study or have a physical job

Boost® Energy: (Guarana, Vit C & Vit B Complex)

  • Revitalises your body and mind when you’re feeling tired, drained or fatigued
  • Boost your energy levels to get you through your workload
  • Can be used as an alternative to sugary energy drinks if you’re diabetic or watching your weight

New to the range: Boost® Focus: (Guarana & Rhodiola)

  • Revitalises your body and mind when you need to maintain peak energy, stamina, attention and concentration 
  • Supports your attention span if you need to study or focus on a complex task at work

New to the range: Boost® Cranberry: (Cranberry) 

  • Helps to maintain a healthy urinary tract
  • Helps to maintain bladder health
  • Cranberry has antioxidant activity and may assist in fighting free radicals in body.

It is not always easy to get the goodness that your body needs. Taking a daily dietary supplement can be just what you need to give yourself that extra boost to get through the day.

Healtheries Boost® – makes good nutrition fast, fun and easy.