New & Improved Gluten Free Cereals

New & Improved Gluten Free Cereals

Author -  Emma Baldwin, Healtheries Nutritionist

Whether or not breakfast is in fact the most important meal of the day is often a hot topic of debate. So what is the answer?

Ultimately there will be some people for whom breakfast is a must - it breaks the overnight fast, giving them the energy (both physically and mentally) they need to start the day. It also provides an excellent opportunity for getting important nutrients.

Some people find that if they skip this first meal of the day they tend to overcompensate later which can result in weight gain over time.

Interestingly though, others have found that forcing themselves to eat breakfast (because they think they should) leads to increased hunger and uncontrolled snacking throughout the day. They’re simply not hungry when they wake and feel better going without… And really, who are we to argue if this potentially means skipping a bowl of calorie - dense, nutrient – poor, sugar loaded cereal?

It would seem then that the importance of breakfast probably depends on individual preference, individual needs and the actual nutritional quality of the breakfast. Convenience meals are on the rise, and naturally more people are eating cereal at different times of the day too. It’s easy to have a bowl of cereal at the office desk when you forgot your lunch!

A recent survey completed by Healtheries consumers, found that 45% of you do choose to tuck into a bowl of cereal daily and would love to see more nutritious, fibre - boosted, protein – loaded and lower sugar options available on the supermarket shelves.

We’ve listened to this feedback and Healtheries now have a brand new range of cereals, each carrying a 4 Star Health Rating and gluten free - approved by the New Zealand Coeliac Society. Prebiotic fibre and probiotics have been added to help support a healthy digestive system, and the range contains no artificial colours, flavour, sweeteners or preservatives. There’s something for everyone!

Healtheries Gluten Free Hi–Fibre Cereal

A delicious cereal made with ancient grains, real fruits, sunflower seeds and linseeds. Natural ingredients you can see and taste and a good source of fibre with just over 4.0g per serve.

Healtheries Gluten Free Protein Crunchy Cereal

With just over 7.0g of protein per serve coming from pea protein crisps, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, linseeds, peanuts and almonds. A crunchy and textured cereal containing over 30% nuts and seeds - a beneficial source of both protein and fibre.

Healtheries Gluten Free Berry De–Light Cereal

A delicious, lighter cereal filled with real cranberries, sultanas, strawberry, blueberries and plum, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and the ancient grains buckwheat and quinoa. Healtheries Berry De–Light has 25% less sugar than other berry cereals.

Healtheries Gluten Free Fun Puffs Kids Cereal

Children are one group who definitely do need their breakfast. Their high energy requirements and smaller stomachs mean that small but frequent meals and snacks are a must. It is thought that 10% of young New Zealanders do not eat a regular breakfast and this may negatively affect their cognitive function, academic performance, school attendance, social function and mood. Our Gluten Free Fun Puffs Kids Cereal has a yummy chocolate flavor and 40% less sugar than other kid’s cereals. Healtheries colourful Fun Puffs are created using only natural colours from the juices of fruits and vegetables like spirulina, radish, apple and blackcurrant.