New Kiwi-Inspired Herbal Blends

New Kiwi-Inspired Herbal Blends

Author -  Jenna Walker

Traditional herbal ingredients to support you through your day

It can be hard to switch off a busy mind after a hectic day juggling the demands of modern-day life. When we are on the go, day-to-day stress can take a toll and leave us feeling frazzled. Sometimes it seems like we have barely had time to catch our breath or had a moment to ourselves to relax. When bedtime comes and we curl up ready for some well-deserved rest, instead of drifting off to sleep, our mind takes the down time as an opportunity to start processing how the day went. Our thoughts can wander onto other things or we may start to feel just a little anxious about tomorrow. Even with a good life balance, there are times when it can be a struggle to quiet the mind and unwind.

  • Chamomile is well-known for its calming effect and has traditionally been used to create soothing and comforting hot drinks. Many people enjoy a warm cup of chamomile before bed or at other times of the day when there is an opportunity to take a moment to relax.

Sometimes we indulge in rich foods just a little too much, or choose to eat something we know doesn’t sit quite right with our digestive system. Unfortunately there can be some slightly unpleasant side effects from over-indulging. Some people have a particularly sensitive system which is well in-tune to identify foods which upset the fine balance in our intestinal tract. 

  • Peppermint is a well-known digestive aid which has traditionally been used to soothe digestion and refresh the palate after a meal. Maori and early European settlers discovered Horopito leaf which was used as a stomach-calming herbal remedy.

Healtheries has taken inspiration from traditional herbal ingredients in our latest herbal teas, adding our own personal touch of New Zealand.

Healtheries Herbal Teas are designed for the serious business of relaxation. Our blends combine a variety of carefully selected herbal ingredients. They’re just the thing to help untangle your frayed nerves and really unwind.