Omega 3 Fish Oil for Joint Pain Relief

Omega 3 Fish Oil for Joint Pain Relief

Author -  Ingrid Pilz

Naturopath Ingrid Pilz explains how Omega 3 Fish Oil can help provide relief from joint pain and inflammation

Looking for natural relief from joint pain and inflammation?

Joint pain and inflammation affect all too many of us today, so it’s probably not surprising that prescription and over-the-counter anti-inflammatories are so common. Not everyone wants to take a pharmaceutical drug if they can avoid it, though. If you’re looking for a natural alternative to take for joint pain relief, studies suggest you might find Fish Oil helpful.

The link between joint pain and inflammation

Joint pain can sometimes happen because the cartilage and tissues around the joint become inflamed and swollen. Not only can that make the joint sore, but it can also stiffen it – limiting your mobility. And your body can produce reactive molecules called “free radicals”, which can cause further damage to the cartilage. That’s why many joint pain relief medications start by working on the inflammation.

What the research says about fish oil and joint pain

Fish Oil is a rich source of two essential fatty acids called EPA and DHA. Your body uses these two fatty acids to help it produce its own natural anti-inflammatory hormones. Research1 has shown that people with high levels of these hormones tend to have much lower levels of chronic inflammatory back, neck and joint pain.

A meta-analysis (an analysis of the results of several studies) showed that fish oil consistently reduced joint tenderness and morning stiffness across the study participants. It also allowed them to take less of their anti-inflammatory medication. Participants generally found that they experienced the most benefits after taking their Fish Oil daily for at least 3 months.

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