Refresh your outlook this year!

Refresh your outlook this year!

Author -  Healtheries

Don’t Try – Just do!
The beginning of the year is a great time to start afresh. It’s a time when we feel motivated and inspired about the year ahead. What’s on your new year’s resolution list? Lose weight? Get into shape? Make healthier food choices?

Here’s a slightly different way of looking at your New Year goals. How often have you decided you’d like to achieve something and then not followed through? How many times have you heard someone say “I’m trying to get fit or I’m trying to lose weight?”

Are you “trying” to get in shape or are you getting in shape?
Are you “trying” to eat healthy foods or are you eating healthy foods?

When we say we are “trying” we don’t really have to do anything. It also provides us with an excuse for why we didn’t accomplish the outcome we say we wanted.

To kick off the New Year decide what do you want to do differently - then do it. Don’t try, just do! Take the word ‘try’ out of your vocabulary. Choose something that you’re excited about achieving, not what your feel you should be achieving. Whether it be to eat healthier foods, start exercising, drink more water, or simply relax more just choose whatever inspires you the most.

If you’re like most of us and overindulged over the festive season this is an ideal time to reset and get back on track. Whether you want to detoxify and revitalise the whole body or simply take a daily health tonic to tune-up your body. Healtheries has something to suit.

Our Top 3 pic’s for a fresh New Year;

Detox Tea with Dandelion and Milk Thistle. Great for kicking off your New Year’s detox. This naturally refreshing tea is a potent blend of functional herbs that make detoxing easy. Ideal for:

  • supporting liver and kidney function
  • reducing fluid
  • helps regulating fluid retention
  • supporting the digestive system and revitalising the whole body.
Its effective daily detoxing made easy.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) liquid or capsules. Add this to your daily routine to tune up your whole body. ACV has been traditionally used for hundreds of years for many different health benefits. If you aren’t keen on the taste of the liquid then opt for the convenient capsules. ACV is ideal for great as a tonic for general health and wellness.

Probiotics. Get your gut healthy and in balance. A healthy gut can contribute to more than just good digestive health. Having a good balance of healthy gut bacteria can even impact how you think and feel. Probiotics can help support; healthy digestion; immunity and overall well being. Replenishing good bacteria is also a good idea particularly if you’ve been taking antibiotics or eating poorly.