School Holiday Fun

School Holiday Fun

Author -  Tina Gale

Filled with lots of ideas for school holiday fun

School holidays in spring, luckily the days are longer and there is more sunshine to keep everyone busy. It's always great to have a break from the school routine, not only does it give the kids their rest and a chance to spend all day in their pyjamas, it can also give parents a chance to have some time off work. School holidays for parents can provide some quality time to spend with the kids and enjoy life at a slower pace, before they are all grown up!

  • For some outdoor activities to do why not take a picnic to a park or the zoo? You may like to go for a walk  - check with your local council or DOC for local bush tracks and choose one for your ability and time frame. What about making the most of the beaches in the daytime by taking the dog for a walk before the summer restrictions set in?
  • There have also been improvements made to many cycle ways - why not find your local track – it’s a good excuse to get some exercise and perhaps stop for morning tea on the way. If it's indoor weather, the local swimming pools can provide some great fun. Maybe you want to set a family challenge like who can swim the most lengths or variety of strokes, or even make your own family relay team.
  • If the weather is cold, what about a jigsaw from a second-hand shop? For as little as $4 it can consume many hours and create some great family bonding time.
  • It can also be fun idea to get the kids in the kitchen to prepare their favourite meal or snack food. You can set them the task of the grocery shopping list and maybe they could set it up online for you.
  • Often the local libraries have some school holiday projects to encourage kids with their reading over the holidays. What about a holiday theme to brush up on your knowledge? You could visit art museums, war museums, history museums or the aquarium and find some fun facts and make a quiz to test each other afterwards.
  • For the mums and daughters, how about an afternoon at the home spa? Dust off mum’s foot spa, get the nail polish, nail file and the hand cream out and treat each other. Or for the whole family, you could take the fishing rods out to a local spot and see if you can catch dinner.
  • If you are able to go away, you could go visit friends and family, book a holiday home at a new destination, or go for a drive in the car somewhere you haven’t been for a while and explore. Then when you return home you can make a digital story of your holiday snaps to take along to the first day back at school.
  • What about making your own movie? This can be great when there are lots of kids, friends, or cousins about - give them some ideas and get the video camera ready. Or maybe you could hire some movies and have a home theatre day - bring out the Healtheries KidsCare® snacks.
  • For the pre-schoolers, nothing can beat a visit to an animal farm park, a trip on the train, or making sand castles at the beach.

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