Summer’s on its way...feel your best on the beach!

Summer’s on its way...feel your best on the beach!

Author -  Carol Burr, Naturopath

It’s that time of year again; with less than a month till Christmas, soon we’ll be on the beach with family and friends enjoying the sunshine! With the excitement that summertime brings, for some of us it can also bring dread as we think about having to put on our togs again.

For many of us, those comforting roast dinners, extra pieces of Chocolate in the evening and the cold mornings during winter where we snoozed our alarms on our morning exercise, are all coming back to haunt us!

If your scales have been the bearers of bad news recently and you have put on a few extra kilos, it’s time to take charge and do something about it! There is no better time of year than summer to get active, and embrace healthy eating, so you can take control of your weight and feel your best this summer.

Exercise is a very important part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Daylight saving and the warm summer weather thankfully makes it more inviting to get active outdoors. Walking or running are both great ways to help you burn calories! If that’s not for you, try joining a gym, or taking up a dance or yoga class. Choosing exercise you enjoy will help you to stick with it. Try mixing up your routine with a range of different types of exercise throughout the week to help keep you motivated. Exercising with friends is another good trick to ensure you keep up your exercise – it’s harder to snooze the alarm when a neighbour or a friend is waiting at your front gate! Getting active on a regular basis can help you to burn calories and manage your weight.

When it comes to healthy eating, why not take advantage of all the delicious light foods and nutritious fruits and vegetables about. Limit the usual higher calorie foods and those which are high in sugar, salt and saturated fats and instead eat more whole grains, lean protein and healthy polyunsaturated fats. For healthy snacking ideas, take a look at our healthy snacking article with snack ideas for 150 calories or less.

A popular new weight management supplement called Garcinia Cambogia may also be able to assist you with managing your weight. Scientific studies have shown that 1200mg of HCA per day in a Garcinia Cambogia supplement may assist with weight management and is best when taken in conjunction with a calorie-controlled diet and exercise programme. According to many health experts, Garcinia cambogia weight management support helping you to reach your ideal weight.

Remember to get out there and get active, enjoy light fresh summer salads, make sure you’re choosing healthy snacks, and perhaps splash out and treat yourself to some new swimwear for Christmas to boost your confidence on the beach this summer.

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