Wanting to Gain Weight?

Wanting to Gain Weight?

Author -  Kate Morland, Nutritionist

Gaining weight for some people is difficult especially when you are very active or have a poor appetite. Not everyone is wanting to lose weight!

Not everyone is looking to lose weight. There are some people who can benefit from gaining weight, whether it is for sport, or someone has been ill and needs bulking up, or anyone with health conditions that causes weight loss. Plus some children and pregnant women may need help gaining weight safely and while still eating a healthy diet.

Tips for Gaining Weight

  • Eat regular meals and snacks. Avoid skipping meals as you will then find it difficult to “catch up” on the calories missed. Plus a regular calorie intake ensures you are not breaking down protein stores for fuel.
  • Combat poor appetites with small serving sizes and reducing bulky foods that full you up too fast. Fibre is filling so go for medium fibre foods or avoid high fibre snacks that will stop you eating your main meal.
  • Avoid drinking at meal times as fluid will take up a space in the tummy and reduce your intake of food.
  • Make food appetising by presenting it in different ways e.g. set the table and create a relaxed environment for eating, use different serving utensils or plates appropriate to the meal. Make the most of colourful foods and chopped up herbs to garnish.
  • Choose foods that are high energy but also low volume. We refer to these foods as “energy dense”. They include foods like oils and table spreads, peanut butter, avocado, nuts, seeds and dried fruit, dairy products – yoghurt, cheese, milk, icecream, milk based desserts, gravies, cheese sauces
  • Be organised with snacks for the car, at work or in your bag so you don’t get caught out 
  • Add extra protein and energy to your diet by using Healtheries Vitaplan in smoothies, mixed with hot milk, or mixed into your yoghurt or desserts.