Wanting to Lose Weight?

Wanting to Lose Weight?

Author -  Vicki Martin. Nutritionist.

Weight loss is no easy feat but establishing healthy habits is the first step to achieving your goal. Stare clear of fad diets and start with these 10 steps.

Start your day with breakfast. Fill up your ‘empty tank’ to get yourself going after a long night without food. Just try it for a few days and you will notice an energy difference. It can be easy to prepare – just add a couple of tablespoons of Healtheries Bircher Muesli to a container of yoghurt, add some raw fruit and presto it’s done. Whole wheat toast with peanut butter, hummus, tuna, or a boiled egg is another great starter. Top with tomato slices for extra vitamin C.

  • Get moving. Walk or cycle to visit your friends or go shopping. Take a brisk walk at lunchtime and use the stairs where possible. It all adds up to 30 minutes daily.
  • Snack smart. Healthy snacks are a great way to refuel and get you through the day. Healtheries Potato Stix and Rice Wheels are a quick crunchy low fat treat. Dip them into a hummus dip for an extra filling snack. If you find yourself reaching for high sugar or high fat snacks, swap them for a Healtheries Naturally Slim Protein Shake or bar. Not only do they taste great, but they keep you satisfied between meals helping you stare clear of the pantry.
  • Work up a sweat. Aerobic activity really does it for your heart health and weight loss goals. Dance classes, hoola hooping, skate boarding, touch rugby, surfing, and flying your kite are all fun ways to get your aerobic activity up.
  • Balance your food choices. You don’t have to give up hamburgers, crisps, chips, and ice cream to get to being healthy. It just means you save these foods for special treats at the end of the week, instead of eating them most days.
  • Get fit with friends or family. So your young niece or nephew needs a walk in their pushchair; your mothers dog needs a walk every day; a friend would like to go for a tramp in the bush; or your children would like to go to the swimming pool and try the slides. Plan to make every time you spend with your family doing some physical activity instead of just sitting and chatting.
  • Eat more wholegrains, fruits, and vegetables. There must be at least one fruit that rocks your boat – if there isn’t visit a fruit and veg shop and hang around a bit until you see one that does. Trial whole wheat pita bread instead of white, and brown rice instead of white, going wholemeal isn’t that difficult.
  • Join in physical activities at work. If your company runs yoga or zumba classes or goes for a group jog or walk, join in – others will also be beginners so give it a trial.
  • Foods aren’t good or bad. Some foods have more fat, sugar or salt, while others have more fiber and vitamins. It’s a matter of getting the balance right and learning to make sure you have more of the healthy stuff, and less of the treat stuff that is high in fat, sugar, or salt.
  • Make healthy eating and physical activities fun. Be adventurous, try a new sport, a new gym, or go to a healthy cookery class at your local community centre or school. Getting to be healthy can make your life fun and full of friends. Don’t try to change everything at once, give everything a go in its own time so that lifestyle changes are no sweat!

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