Why take a Multivitamin?

Why take a Multivitamin?

Author -  Healtheries

Are you getting enough vitamins to support your general health? Read our article to find out more.

Is your diet providing you with all the nutrition you need? 

You may be missing key nutrients in your diet so it may be a good idea to introduce a daily multivitamin supplement that will add additional vitamins to your diet that may be missing from the foods you eat.

Supplements can be taken in addition to a healthy diet to help to make up for the nutrients lost in our food, as a result of shipping, storage, processing, cooking and other factors. 

They don’t make up for a bad diet for example, one which is high in fat, low in fibre, high in sugar and low in vitamins. 

They are designed to be part of a total health program that includes good food, exercise, stress reduction and avoidance of substances known to be harmful to the body.

Multivitamins are produced for different age groups and stages of life to meet your needs, children, teenagers, women, men and older adults all have different dietary requirements. 

If we consider the nutritional demands of a teenager to older adult, their needs are very different. Women may benefit with support for bones and heart health, men for energy and heart health. Older adults may benefit from digestive and immunity support. 

Now that we get a picture of just how different our needs are, we can choose a more specific product that is tailored to our dietary needs.

It is important to take a quality product, multivitamins can be a great start if you want to top up your nutrient intake, or you have a vegan or vegetarian diet, where your intake of specific nutrients may be deficient. 

The usual recommendation is take once per day, with food. Always ensure you take as directed and contact a health professional if you are concerned about your health.