Mint Faux-hito

Mint Faux-hito

Enjoy this uplifting drink as an after- dinner treat, or any time your taste buds crave minty refreshment!


1 cucumber (peeled)

Handful of fresh mint

200ml brewed and cooled Organic Mint Medley Tea (use 2 tea bags)

200ml soda water

200ml diet lemonade



1.       Place the peeled cucumber into a high powered blender and blitz until a watery consistency. Put the cucumber through a sieve if you prefer to remove the fibrous part.

2.       Bruise the fresh mint leaves by carefully rolling them in your hands. Gently mix into the cucumber.

3.       Add the brewed and cooled tea, soda water and diet lemonade and stir with a spoon to mix.

4.       Place ice cubes in the bottom of four tall drinking glasses and top with the tea mixture.